According to our guarantee of security and confidentiality, HappyCristal are particularly interested in offering our customers the highest level of security and protect the confidentiality of the data we provide. Commercial transactions are conducted in a secure server under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and all communications are transmitted in an encrypted 128-bit encryption, which ensures the highest level of protection to communications. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to access your information, including information regarding your credit card.

There are different forms of payment that we offer below:


Credit Card (Visa - Mastercard):

During the purchasing process and once the payment method selected "credit card", you require the information to perform the transaction.


Bank Transfer:

By this method of payment you can makes a transfer to our bank account. Once we receive the funds we will prepare the order. Note that reserve your order for 5 days.

Data transfer are:

Name: HappyCristal - Francisco Fernandez


Account number : 0049-4311-09-2290007630

IBAN : ES76 0049-4311-09-2290007630




If you have a Paypal account you can also can pay by Paypal in HappyCristal.

At the end of the buying process we will send you to the PayPal site so you can make the payment. Is necessarily involves a payment of cost for HappyCristal we are forced to repercurirte, consisting of a fixed amount of € 2.65 + 2.25% on the value of your order.

IMPORTANT : Remember back to HappyCristal again once the paypal payment has been made clicking on the button "return to the store".

The paypal account where you have to send the funds is :



COD/Correio à Cobrança: Only allow for Peninsular Spain and Portugal (extra charge 3€)

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